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Vietnam Got the First Prize in an Asian Security Contest

With 5,800 points, Bluemoon team won at the CtF (Capture the Flags) contest in a security conference – Hack In The Box (HITB) 2008 which took place at the end of November in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

This year CtF contest had 7 teams from Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. Besides Bluemoon team, Mitdac team consisting of top rank security experts in Vietnam got the second prize with nearly 1,800 points.

In the CtF contest, all the teams are provided a server having security holes in daemon. The participants have to exploit these holes, break into other servers and defend their own server against other attacks.

Known as the East Defcon, HITB CtF is a big event about security in Asia-Pacific and Middle East taking place every two year. The conference assembles many famous experts and is sponsored by big companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, F-Sercure.

HITB 2008 focused on discussion and demonstrated methods of breaking into security systems such as biological identification, radio frequency identification and current wireless technology.