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Yahoo! Announed to Make BrowserPlus Open-source!

As Google did with Gears, on November 18, 2008 Yahoo! intended to make BrowserPlus open source. BrowserPlus and Gears are aimed at improving browsers’ native abilities so Web applications can better match those running natively on a computer’s operating system.

As on BrowserPlus’ blog: “The big idea here is that we’ll have the whole platform open sourced by mid-next year, and as soon as possible we’ll have many of the services we’ve written open sourced, as well as the APIs needed to write new services. Our goal is to empower the community to contribute actual patches and new services – code to compliment the feedback. As we move forward, we hope that this platform will contribute to the open web by enabling rapid innovation and giving us all a chance to weigh in on what exactly the web of tomorrow should look like.” (

“BrowserPlus is a technology designed to ‘extend the Web,’ so that developers can build more exciting Web applications and so end users can get more done inside their Web browsers,” Yahoo said on a BrowserPlus frequently-asked-questions page. (

Technology is changing so fast, who knows what is the tomorrow browser look like? When combining Google Gears and Yahoo! BrowserPlus will actully make browsers a “web OS”.