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My First Working Day at eXo Platform SEA

Today is my first working day at eXo Platform SEA, a nice start working day :). Hey, so long no post from my blog sice Tet holiday, now I will blog more often.

I’m the lucky one to have chance working at eXo1 , I’ve never thought about it before knowing and meeting Jeremi2 since Opensocial Hackathon in Hanoi3. After the hackathon, Jeremi and I had some discussion, he just introduced me to apply for a position at eXo – a position where my English learning at HUT and computer learning at HN-Aptech meets, so the best position is document writer. I have some good points of writing English, I will write technical documents for eXo, nice and thank Jeremi so much! Though, this is just the very first step to join eXo. I had English test, interview with 3 guys to check general Java knowledge, openSocial knowledge (Tung) and document writing skill (Cong) and then continue my interview with Brice Revenant4 – manager at eXo Platform SEA before our Tet holiday. I had another more test for writing a sample of user guide for comminity management when I was home. Lucky me, everything was nice and today I’m very pleased to have my first working day and now blogging about it :).

The unlucky year passed by, last year I lost many things and had so many hardships: I was cheated when helping my friend finding a job, cheated to get address for renting, my motorbike was stolen (I will work hard to buy another by the end of this year), so living in Hanoi is really really dangerous [dangerous in peaceful :))], so I should be more and more and more careful. My bike was stolen at the second term at HUT, too :(. Now the new time for new year: my OpenSocial App took second prize at SE Asia OpenSocial Application contest, however, it is still in developement, hope to release it soon. Got some job offers which is very nice at the time of the world economic meltdown :D. Barcamp Hanoi 2 is being prepared, eXo will be one of the sponsers. I hope that I will have more time to wake everything up, Barcamp Hanoi 2 now seems slow in progress, I’m preparing to have a session for Barcamp, too :). Next year will be my next big one after university graduation, more time for work, for meetup :).

Today I had some training to have basic ideas about Portal, how to use and organize it, cool ;). Tomorrow I will have training about WebOS and after that a test will come to check for understanding. Everyone here is nice! I just know some more guys: Tung (eXo Social project leader) and Trong (Portal team leader) from Hackathon, Cong (tester) from the interview, Nga (document writer) and Hang (give me and another guy training) – today. You can see more staffs here:

Love this busy and promising year :)