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Barcamp Hanoi 2 Will Come Soon :)

Hi everyone,

To tell the truth, I’m a little envious of some HCM city (Saigon) geeks’ activities, especially about Barcamp Saigon 1 and their #H3 :(. What about in Hanoi? Just correct me if I’m wrong but it seem there hasn’t been any such interesting events in Hanoi. Here I just want to mention and introduce Barcamp Hanoi 2. You can just google some keyworks orderly to get info: barcamp to have general ideas about what is barcamp, barcampsaigon to know what Saigon geeks did to complete the task of organizing barcamp saigon 1. Then the last keywork is barcamphanoi to know more about Barcamp Hanoi organization status :). And then I will call for organizers + volunteers + participants + some more other things :)

Firstly, about Barcamp Hanoi 2. Why 2? Good question :P, do you know that Barcamp Hanoi 1 was first organized in Vietnam, esp. in Hanoi :). Just check this: So, Barcamp Hanoi 1 was organized by eXo employees (esp. by jeremi) just in internal eXo Platform SEA employees. And Now we (Hanoi geeks, bloggers, volunteers…) are organizing Barcamp Hanoi 2.

After the great success of Barcamp Saigon 1, some efforts to organize Barcamp Hanoi 2 started but in slow progress. Sometime it was supposed to happen before Tet holiday, then just some weeks after Tet holiday. But now we’re still preparing for it and the progress is very fast. This post is also for the purpose of preparation for Barcamp Hanoi 2. Please just check out what is happening in Barcamp Hanoi 2 organization: So here I’m calling for organizers for Barcamp Hanoi 2 :). It’s open to everyone :). Now the number of organizers can not be counted more than 10 and there are many things to do. Some points just remember: Just join in organizer team when you have passionation + know the spirit of barcamp :). Some volunteers needed for doing other things like food-prepare (don’t worry, you do not have to cook any meal :P), T-shirt design (for designers), sponsorship for persuasive speakers and many other things you can do for Barcamp Hanoi 2.

To participants: Know about barcamp spirit, know about barcamp rules, huh :P. No audience (exept for volunteers), just participants: think about what you will share for Barcamp Hanoi 2 (IT based topic), and what topics you’re interesting. We will have some forms to get info soon. We will make Barcamp Hanoi 2 as great and relaxed as possible. If too many people will go for registering Barcamp Hanoi 2, we will have to filter out out some people :( because of time + venue + other problems.

  • Some expectations:

    • What: call it Barcamp Hanoi 2 ;)
    • When: April 12 (supposed)
    • Where: RMIT Hanoi or Genetic BK or other?
    • Who: any one interested in joining barcamp, participants but not audience :)
    • How many people there: About 200 geeks. So think about some interesting topics to have your seat at Barcamp Hanoi 2. The seats are limited :)
    • official tag for Barcamp Hanoi 2: barcamphanoi
    • official website for Barcamp Hanoi 2 will be updated soon, just check it here
    • Twitter to follow:


Hey, it’s time for us to join Barcamp Hanoi 2. What you are waiting for? Spread the world about this event is a resprectedly helpful action.

Just ping some of us here to get more info:

  1. Hoat Le (

email: hoatlevan at gmail dot com

yahoo: wild_tiger8607

skype: hoatlevan


Thanks for reading :)