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Working for eXo Platform or Google?

Note: This is an April Fool’s Day joke

I’m thinking so much about this. I’ve got an offer from Google to work in Singapore for about 2 years after my OpenSocial application took the 2nd place in OpenSocial Application contest in SE Asia. However, I can’t touch the Ipod Touch because of customs official issue but I coud get the money instead :(. Shannon Madison and I have been discussing about it in recent days. She said that someone from Google will take part in BarCamp Hanoi 2009 and will tell us about some stratergy in South East Asia in general and in Vietnam for specific. Now I have choose: having part-time job at eXo Platform or having full-time job from Google to work in Singapore for 2 years.

Working for Google is a very important opportunity for my future. Shannon said to me about the plan of Google to have representative office in Vietnam soon, so if I aggree to worked with them in Singapore in 2 years, and then I can come back to work in the representative office of Google in Hanoi. Well, I know this is the only chance for me to work abroad and work for Google. How interesting it is! However, if I agree to work in Singapore, it means that I have to discontinue my study at HUT university; it means that I have to leave my family, my friends and all my good memories behind to work there. I’ve never been abroad, I love it.

Another point to mention, I’ve just been working at eXo Platform for 1,5 months. Everything has just started, I haven’t done good job in eXo. I have tried much to work here. After a short period of time, I know eXo Platform is the best place in Hanoi for my study, work and friendship. Everyone here is very nice, we can easily get familar with each other. We share about many things: weeding, karaokeing, departure parties. I want to know more about eXo Platform, to understand it and apply it for my last project in Hanoi Aptech.

So if I aggree to work for Google in Singapore, I have to give up so many things here. If not, I’m still working in eXo Platform as is. Oh my God, how can I choose one? If only after some time working for eXo Platform, would I get this kind of offer from Google? Could anyone show me the right way :(?


  • hoatle (2009-05-30 07:59):

Ok, thank for your visiting and replying :–). Currently, I’m rather busy with my job at eXo Platform: being trained + learning. Hope that I will have more time to continue with my application + more application in the future. I’m working with eXo Social – an enterprise social network supporting Open Social. There are many ways to get in touch ;–).

First of all, congratulations for the opportinity – even though I don’t know you, getting an offer from Google is a rather rare thing in the IT sector.

However the reason I’m writing is because recently I started developing OpenSocial as in Hungary the biggest social networking site implemented OS support 1 month ago. I would be interested in your award winning application. I would be happy if I could get in touch with you.



  • Marvin Lee (2009-04-21 10:42):

Hi Hoat,

Although I only came to know about you or your site from the SE OpenSocial and Twitter, I think you’re a special individual and the oppurtunity to join Google Singapore, although being away from Hanoi is a great chance for bigger things in the future.

Of course there are things to give up and other things to gain in different places, but joining Google which has a lot of resources in terms of technologies and brand, can easily overcome the worries you have in mind I guess?

And of course this is my personal opinion as I have never worked in Google before nor had I visited their offices yet, hence it’s just my own views.

However, I do wish you the very best in the choice you make. :–)

  • your friends (2009-04-20 19:59):

I think working for Google is a good opportunity and a big challenge for any developer. So, I understand why you are wondering about it. But as you said, it’s good for your future so why don’t you try to do?

Completes your studying is the best way I think but you can not negotiate with Google about start working time, I think you can suspend your studying for 1 or 2 years as Bill Gate did. Maybe you can not make a company as Microsoft, but no one knows whether you will create a Google Viet Nam in future!

You should think more what you lost, what you get if you work for Google and for Exo Platform. As you said, Exo is a good company in Ha Noi, but with my experiences, 1,5 months can not say anything. And are you sure that you understand everything about the one? Is it really good place as your feeling?

You are having a big opportunity! I wish you will have good decision!

  • dungiis (2009-04-20 16:16):

Hoatle, You need all your courages to work for Google. I think it’s truly a challenge for anyone

  • nothing (2009-04-16 09:34)

I think you shoud leave eXo and going to Singapo. Because in eXo you will not study nothing.

  • Koen (2009-04-09 21:03):

Maybe you can do both and bring both companies closer together!

  • your friend (2009-04-03 15:15):

Hi Hoat

You are very young so there are a lot of chances is waitting and coming to you in the future. Google is really a great opportunity, but you should have considered and choosed what is the best practice actually. I have known that: youth always have a lot of dreams, ambitious …. and would like to meet some new chanllenges, new chances. Beside that, you also have known exo platform company is very good in Ha Noi where you are having the happiness time, good working eviroment, chances for developing and becaming your carreer in here … You are the last student year in University that means you have been farming tree and now its time to pick fruit, although the first fruit not sweet, luscious ones but that is you have done after working, studying so hard. So, why do not you continue to work in exo platform where you have been sowing seeds and it has been germing, so why do not you wait to harvest. I also wondering if exo platform has good environment same your opninon, why don’t you try to disscuss with Officer Manager about integrated your applications for Music to EXO Product such as eXo Social or eXo Portal and they will be able to completely help you to develop, improve your product and in the future you can become a Product Manager EXO Social Music… I think: that is great chance and its possible.

For Google, I think that this is only a “strategy” because there will be many changes and happened in 2 years … Whether you can work completely in 2 years with them and then whether they have established VPĐD in Vietnam or not? This is a completely question and strategy because of the biggest competitor of Google is Yahoo has done to establish Yahoo Vietnam Company in Viet nam.

There is only my opinion. Of course the final decision is depend you. There are a lot of chances, but its important for us how can get and find favorable environment to develop and implement opportunities became true and success is very few. Please consider carefully and I wish the best wish for you in the future

Thank a lot

  • rebyn (2009-04-02 12:51):

I bet you’ll take the offer :D

Departures are indispensable events in your life, especially when you have such a great opportunity like that. You can preserve your study at HUT by signing a form, go working for Google Singapore for one and half a year and get back and finish what you’ve done.

Singapore is not that far from Vietnam, now it takes you only 2 hrs to transfer between 2 nations. In addition, Vietnam working-environment is absolutely not as good as foreign ones for such talent guys like you.

What you have to do: Get ready, set, and go. Don’t hesitate at such interferences like that.

Good luck.

  • hoatle (2009-04-02 00:32):

Well, thanks very much for your advice. I know, how can I miss such a great chance like this ;)

— Anh Hùng (2009-04-01 23:13):

Hello Hoạt,

Firstly, let me congratulate on your getting this great opportunity from Google. You are the only Vietnamse – born, raised, and educated in Vietnam- I know who gets such an offer. :–)

As I’ve tweeted you, the best thing you should do, IMHO, is to reserve your study results at HUT and come to work for Google for 1 year (don’t tell Google this though). If it fits you, then decide.

For eXo Platform, while it is a great start, I think the sheer scale of Google will open you to new horizons and possessing a good understanding of how the biggest technology firm operates will be of huge benefits to you in the future.

My mentor passed Google’s 8 rounds of interview to become its Product Manager in SEA. It was a great opportunity but since Google is not doing anything great in Vietnam, he declined the offer a few months ago. However, Google Singapore is nice company with nice people, and this is something you should not miss.

Part of the reason he quit was because he had already had a great business in Vietnam, a great family to take care of. You’re different. Right? :–)

Anyways, good luck!